How to setup multiple sleeping timeframe?

  • It's nice to see the flux v4 added the wake up time feature and differentiate it against evening light, but how should I configure the program if recently my daily sleep time have been splitted to two distinct timeframe, e.g. 0100-0500 and then 1300-1700?

  • Generally even people who sleep in two episodes have one major rhythm that entrains to light. Melatonin doesn't rise that much during the day, no matter when you sleep, for instance.

    So usually I would recommend trying to maintain a "dark night" for 9-10 hours even if you are awake for half of it - would probably set your wake time for the "night" sleep episode (i.e. you wake up at 5AM).

    As for reducing alertness or reminding yourself to go offline during the day, we don't have anything automatic yet, but you could use the keyboard keys to adjust f.lux if you want to.

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