cant change location (location changing problem becaose google maps api does not support the browser)

  • hello guys first of all i just want to say that this software is awesome! my big thanks to developers. and now i want to talk about my problem whenever i go to change my location in flux it says that browser is not supported by google maps and it sneezes. here is the photo i think its a bug that developers must fix in next version of flux.anyway big thanks for reading and have a great day :)0_1508090647297_f1f1f1.PNG

  • f.lux team

    We updated this recently, and the update is rolling out.

    Basically our browser was emulating IE7 (amazing, that's the default for this kind of thing) and now it's using a more modern browser version.

    Try downloading again at and see if it is better?

  • it does not work i deleted my flux installed that flux version but nothing changed.

  • f.lux team

    So are you on Windows 7 (up to date?)

    Also, are there any antivirus apps on the machine that make changes to webpages?

    My Windows 7 tester has all the script debugging warnings on and it's working (of course) so I want to figure out what is different with yours.

  • Same here. Win 7 updated and everything.

  • Same problem with me, I am on Win7. Tried to downgrade to F.lux 3 but I get the same error. The software suggests me to change my browser, lol

  • f.lux team

    @Fabio-O-Meglio-Faffo f.lux 4.55 (the latest build) should be asking for a very recent version of IE - are you seeing this in that build?

  • @herf Actually I am using f.lux 3. Anyway the coordinates of my current location look correct, so I won't need to change it. The problem stays though, feel free to ask questions if I can help somehow. Please consider that I'm using chrome and I didn't update IE since a lifetime because I don't want to use it.

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