Opening browser without permission

  • Okay, wow, this format for writing a post in a forum is really bad. Not sure why anyone thinks its a good idea to autoshove the post down to 1/4 of the page so I can still see the full forum.

    That said, today it decided to ask me to upgrade, and when I closed the popup, it forced open my browser to show me a page with "all the great things [I'm] missing out on," which caused a lot of problems for me since I didn't have Chrome open for a reason. This is the kind of thing that's going to prevent me from upgrading.

  • Oh hey cool, so this was an unauthorized update on my computer, and it's incredibly buggy. It stops working for any little reason, including things like opening a file inside Chrome. wtf. I'm goin to have to try and find the previous version, this one is super bad. The interfacing is also not intuitive, either.

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