F.lux resets gamma settings

  • I have an ICC profile with custom gamma settings that f.lux resets whenever it starts. I have tried using QuickGamma as recommended in the FAQ but f.lux also ignores and overrides those profiles.

  • This problem started with a clean v4 install after formatting and if anyone else has this problem, I fixed it by completely uninstalling f.lux, restarting my computer, installing version 3.12, installing the ICC profile, and then upgrading to the newest version of f.lux (4.55 as of writing this). 3.12 was the last version I was completely sure didn't override ICC profiles, and I had no issue with settings being overwritten after the update before or after formatting.

  • If you change a profile while f.lux is running, it will take some time to notice - it checks every few minutes. Restarting f.lux should load the profile as you'd expect.

  • I'm having this trouble too Zansa, but cannot figure this out. When you say you "upgraded" to v4 after putting v3 back on, how did you go about that?

    (If you don't want to rez this old thread, here is a new one I started:
    https://forum.justgetflux.com/topic/6842/quickgamma-being-ignored-after-windows-10-re-install )

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