Flickering screen on Chrome

  • Hello I am currently running F.lux v 4.47 on Windows 10 and experiencing screen flickering issues on Google Chrome. When I browse on Microsoft Edge my screen stays "orange" and does not flicker."

    The flickering occurs whenever I move my cursor and place it over some clickable object such as a link or tab. That is, when my cursor on the object my screen will be orange but whenever it's on an unclickable place the screen will go back to a whiter color. My graphics card is the Intel HD 520 and I've tried updating the drivers but whenever I try to install them I get an error that it isn't compatible with my laptop.

    I would appreciate any help and can provide any further details necessary as I'm sure I've omitted much crucial information.

  • Did you expand the color range (and reboot)? This should help always.

    The driver situation is because some manufacturers hold back the latest drivers available from Windows Update (because they haven't tested them on a particular model), so sometimes you have to "remove" the existing ones and let Windows find a better one.

  • @herf

    Hello thank you very much for the reply. I've expanded the color range and rebooted and the problem is currently gone and I am able to enjoy F.lux once again.

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