flux.exe *32 process keeps restarting multiple times a second, causing cursor to flicker

  • I installed flux on my new workstation. All was good until my cursor started flickering, showing the "loading" circle multiple times per second. I went to the task manager and saw that a process called "flux.exe *32" was stopping and starting frequently, causing my cursor to think something was loading. I uninstalled flux, but the flux.exe process didn't go away. I reinstalled, hoping it would fix itself then, but no luck.

    How do I solve this? It's very annoying. If I try to stop the offending process manually it tells me "The operation could not be completed. The operation is not valid for this process."

  • Hi - can you right click in task manager and "show file location" and check two things:

    1. that the file is signed by us ("Digital Signatures")
    2. what is the version number ("Details")?

    It is very unusual for anything to survive uninstall. We kill the process and delete the files, as you would expect.

  • Just uninstalled & restarted again, problem went away. As soon as I re-downloaded, the flickering cursor problem started up again.

  • What is your video card and driver version?
    There is an older Radeon driver that might do something like this.

  • It's an Intel HD Graphics 4600. Driver version is; driver model is WDDM 1.1.

  • Oh you have a buggy one. In our FAQ:

    "Check which version you have. If it's less than, you'll want to update (the early-2014 drivers that end with "3412" up to "3621" can cause slowdowns and crashes with f.lux)."

    So get an Intel driver update and you'll be set. Good to do for reasons other than f.lux too.

  • I have the very same problem, but not always. I cannot understand what it is related to, but when I click the notification about unlocking full color mode it always happens.
    I have HD Graphics 520, with driver (Dec. 2017) and f.lux v4.66.
    Any hint? Thank you.

  • @neclepsio Check if you have the latest f.lux (4.66) because we fixed a few crash bugs in this one. (Still it should not update the cursor very much.)

  • Yes, I downloaded v4.66 today. A secondary process keeps "crashing" (maybe) and restarting, but the main process is always active (and works). There is nothing related in the Event Viewer.

  • I have this exact same issue and aside from updating drivers and screwing with the registry there doesn't seem to be an easy solution to this. I am using a work computer and don't have admin permissions to fix the issues, you think there is anything else I could do to keep this from happening? Seems like a small percentage of users are having the same issue.

  • If you are having problems, can you please post driver info (Options menu)?

  • Looks like I am running intel HD 4600 (20161216).

    I fixed this issue by replacing the "working in background" pointer the normal pointer so I just can't see it starting and stopping all the time but the process itself actually starts and stops so fast that it keeps my mouse doing the "working in background" thing. If I had more access I would try the registry fix or try uninstall/reinstall but I don't have admin rights on this computer so what I will be able to do in terms of diagnostics is very limited unfortunately :-/

  • This is everytime on launch, or after clicking a notifier about expanding the color range? Do you have any antivirus?

    We don't do anything in a loop (i.e. if it fails it should just fail), so I am not sure what could be going on here.

  • I am unsure why it is doing that as well. Antivirus is malwarebytes based but run through a monitoring program but it's not killing the process.

    My other coworker who has a VERY similar system to mine got the same thing and the same fix worked.

    It seems to just be relaunching every half second or so. I only know this by trying to kill it in the TM and it goes away as soon as I click on it then reappears.

  • Oh and to answer your other question, this happens as soon as the program is launched. I don't have to click anything inside the program, it just starts going from normal mouse icon to "working in background" mouse icon.

    Again, I am unsure what causes this but it seems to be an issue with the program crashing and restarting but I am unsure if it is the entire program or not because the screen stays with the Flux settings still being used.

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