Remove an exception for the program

  • I decided to try "disable then using ..." feature, but i can't find there i can disable it for the program which I chose. I want to use this program with f.lux again. There is no option for that?

  • The program/app that shows up in that menu is always the last one you had in focus prior to opening the menu.

  • Oh, i found the solution. I was trying to do that through tray menu, which works for me strangely. Sometimes i can add program, sometimes not. It also does not work properly for remove that exception. But it work's right in the full menu(where i can see the graph and etc.).

  • Well as I said, the program that will show up in that menu is the one you had in focus right before opening the menu. It works the same for both menus.

  • I dont know why, but i tested it a few minutes ago, focusing only at this program, and it's still work's random. Should i record this?

  • Something may be stealing focus just before you open f.lux's Notification Area icon.

  • We show the last two apps that have gotten focus...but any app at all can flush that list, so there might be a case we're missing.

    If you can make a video of what you're doing + seeing and send it over that would help a lot. Sometimes all the steps are hard to write down...

  • @herf Here's the video.

  • Ok, we're going to have to do better for managed apps - they all run in the same container, and we need to get the real name.

    I think "application frame host" is the main problem, and then I'm not sure what's happening after that.

  • I just fixed Store/Modern/Metro app disabling in 4.53 (beta).

  • That's nice, but bug is still not fixed. I also noticed that this happens in every program I've tried. Just try to disable f.lux for your current program, and then press maximize button.

  • I also have this issue using a borderless window app... I noticed that the program is there if I bring up the taskbar (by pressing start button on keyboard) and click directly on the flux notification icon but if I click on the taskbar or go to another app then the program disappears from the list.

    Would be great to know where these exceptions are stored in case they're not accessible via the UI

    Using win7 x64

  • I think I know what's going on - windows explorer is using an "invisible" entry in the list, and occasionally it uses two. This is why it works better if you go directly to f.lux. will try to fix.

  • Ok I just rewrote all this stuff. At least the recent apps should work a lot better.

    about > beta or

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