Extra tinted screenshots with flux

  • I'm seeing extra tinted screenshots with the new flux version.

    I've had the new flux version for a few weeks and haven't noticed this problem until now. However, this may be the first time I've taken a screencapture in the evening (when my color setting is much warmer) with the new version. The screenshot is noticeably tinted, and the small region around the cursor is even more tinted.

    screenshot taken via ScreenHunter

    I use ScreenHunter, but screenshots from the Snipping Tool also are overly tinted.

  • Yes, this is what we're doing when you have not rebooted after installing.

    Try either a reboot, or "expand color range" and reboot.

  • Reboot doesn't fix the issue for me. Where is the "expand color range" option? I think I've already done that, but I don't see where the option is.


  • It can also show up if you're using USB-connected monitors with an older DisplayLink driver.

    If this is you, look here for an update: https://forum.justgetflux.com/topic/3629/displaylink

  • That is for an out of date version of DisplayLink. I'm currently on 8.4.2250.0, the post is about downloading version 8.2. Notice that the thread you linked is 9 months old.

    I have started a thread in that forum in hopes that they can resolve the issue.

  • Yes, I would expect the newest DisplayLink version should work.

    Previously f.lux did not work with DisplayLink at all, so this "emulation" is what we're doing for now. We may have to write a workaround for screenshots if things don't get easier...

  • Has this ever been resolved? I just started having this issue this week, but my entire UI has changed, so I think I was just updated to v4. Thanks!

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