F.lux Doesn't Work on Desktop Monitor Connected to Laptop via Docking Station

  • Hello, brand new F.lux user here, and I’m hoping for some help.

    I have a laptop that I just installed F.lux on. The laptop is connected to a docking station, which in turn has a monitor plugged into it (as well as a few other things.) F.lux works perfectly fine on the laptop’s monitor, but not on the desktop monitor. Any suggestions on how to get F.lux working on my desktop monitor too?

    Note: I tried Windows Night Light and Iris (the competition) and they didn't do any better.

    My Setup Is:
    F.lux v. 4.47
    Laptop: Toshiba Sattelite C55-C5241; running Windows 10 Home
    Docking Station: Plugable UD-3900 Dual Display Universal Docking Station
    Desktop Monitor: Asus VX248H (24")
    Resolution: 1920 x 1080

    From Laptop to Docking Station: USB 3.0 cable; cable is Type A (male) on laptop end and Type B (male) on docking station end.

    From Desktop Monitor to Docking Station: video cable; cable is HDMI (male) on desktop monitor end and DVI (male) on docking station end.

    I'm happy to answer any questions and try experiments. Just let me know how I can help to resolve this!

    Thank you.

  • Hi - this post from DisplayLink might help:

  • @herf This solution worked perfectly! Thank you so very much!

  • @herf With the recent update, my f.lux started to not work through to the monitors on my docking station. I followed your steps and it now works perfectly! Thank you!