Change Brightness precision

  • I use the Change Brightness feature with Alt+PgDN and Alt+PgUp a lot but I wish I could adjust it more precisely. When I reduce brightness by hitting Alt+PgDn once from full brightness, I usually find that it reduces it too much. I know I can change this setting on my monitor but I find it much more convenient with a keyboard shortcut.

    Can this be customized?

  • No, but f.lux doesn't change the monitor's backlight brightness anyway. You can do that with third-party software though if your monitor supports it. I recommend the program called ClickMonitorDDC. On my computer, I have set it up to enable me to change my brightness in several ways:

    1. In increments of 1 (yeah, just 1) using any combination of keys or keys and mouse buttons. I set it up this way:
      a. Ctrl+Shift+Scroll Wheel up and down adjusts brightness by 1
      b. Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow or Down arrow adjusts brightness by 1
      c. Scroll Wheel up or down while hovering right on top of the ClickMonitorDDC Notification Area icon adjusts brightness by 1.
    2. I made what feels like brightness profiles like this:
      a. I set Ctrl+F7 to make my brightness go to 0.
      b. Ctrl+F8 takes my brightness to 11 (I like the number 11)
      c. Ctrl+F9 takes my brightness to 22
      d. Ctrl+F10 takes my brightness to 47
      e. Ctrl+F11 takes my brightness to 83
      f. Ctrl+F12 takes my brightness to 100

    I can do much more than this with ClickMonitorDDC, but this is what I choose to do.

    My monitor doesn't let me save anything to it, but these settings stick until my monitor has to reconnect for any reason. I usually use the brightness of 47, so I set my monitor's brightness to 47 using its onboard controls. That way, the "default" for me is 47. If you're wondering why I like 47 and not 45 or 50, it's because 4+7=11. :)

    Anyway, so yeah, ClickMonitorDDC can potentially be far better than anything f.lux has to offer for brightness control. F.lux can only adjust the black level, but CilckMonitorDDC can adjust the brightness of the backlight itself in the monitor.

  • This is exactly what I needed! Thanks so much! :relaxed:

    I didn't know apps could control the actual settings of my monitors. I thought the only option was to apply a filter like f.lux and similar apps do. The result is much better. It takes a bit of practice to set keyboard shortcuts but it's well worth it. :thumbsup:

  • You're welcome! This program was shown to me right here on the f.lux forum too.

    Oh, and I know this may not be necessary, but I apologize for not providing a convenient link to the program. I didn't want my post to look like spam or some official advertisement. I've learned it's good to be more careful than usual on this forum.

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