Reduce Eyestrain effect gone?

  • I've used it just yesterday, I like it because it's a fast way to get close to proper visual fidelity while (I assume) still reducing the blue light some when playing games and such late at night.

    But it's not there anymore with the new update... how come?

  • i was wondering the same thing. was the best option and never gotten a Severe headache like i used to. Hopefully the devs will Put it back in

  • It is now called Soft White.

    He changed the name to put an end to the confusion many people had with the preset that is named "Reduce Eyestrain". People were like, "I don't get it... there are 2 settings named Reduce Eyestrain. What's the difference?"

  • I will do some more editing before this build is out of beta.

  • ooohh, I see :)

    thanks for clearing that up, I suspected that was the case but couldn't remember if soft white was there before or not.

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