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  • Hey guys i was using the old version of flux for years now on the exact same settings and today i received the update and now i cannot remember which "k" value i had all the time and everything i try with the new version feels wrong. is there any old config left where i can find the "k" value which i was using before for years? why does the personal settings didnt get saved? also the old flux version looked way cooler with a custom "X" bar on top and not the classic windows one...... can i downgrade on v3 again and disable auto update and get my settings back :CCCCC so sad right now

  • You might like the preset called "Classic f.lux" - it is one click to use it.

  • No I had custom settings there aswell. In the next update please keep the user specific settings.

  • Go to "Adjust all colors at once" and just keep the bedtime and nighttime colors the same.

  • Yes dude buts that not the point I dont know what my settings were before and i want exactly the same because my eyes are used to them^^

  • It's not like it's the end of the world. It's only f.lux. You will be able to get it set the way you want again. I'm just another fan of f.lux, but yes I understand that you wish it would've just applied your settings from v3.

  • @I3o0M We are working on custom settings for people in exactly your situation but the feature is not live yet. Thanks for the feedback. I'm closing this thread, if you'd like to continue the conversation please post back over at: https://forum.justgetflux.com/topic/4167/version-3-4-upgrade-thread

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