Flux clashing with apps like ShareX and OBS

  • I sent a tweet about this but I felt the need to raise the issue here too. I use Flux, ShareX and OBS at work. Flux updated to v4 today and when I tried to take a screenshot using ShareX, my screen went dark orange. When taking the screenshot, it retained the orange colouring. (I don't not have my Flux settings very orange since I work in a fairly bright room anyway)

    When I went to record the issue using OBS, the OBS preview window was also dark orange! When I recorded a video, it retained the orange colouring too.

  • @Alex-Dixon Note: I have my Flux settings at 4100k throughout my entire work day. It does not change at all in this time. When screenshotting with ShareX or using OBS, it looks more like 3200k. Here is a screenshot of my settings (I've gone home and turned the computer off before it changes temp)


    You can see that my screenshot is orange.

  • You need to reboot after installing, or f.lux will emulate the effect using the GPU.

    After a reboot, it will not do this. :)

  • With Windows 10, shutting down and turning the computer back on is usually not the same as choosing Restart. If you shut down and turn the computer back on, it can be more or less just the same as putting the computer into Sleep Mode. It's like a hybrid between Sleep and Hibernation. Choosing Restart actually makes Windows close down all the way and restart, which is what f.lux needs.

  • Thanks @herf and @TwoCables. Will try to restart next time I'm at work (Tuesday) and update!

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