Too many changes, lose the users

  • Yep. got the new version 4 and hate it.
    The options are too many and as someone who works 3rd shift the normal wakeup time is useless with NO option to turn it off. Color phase also doesn't arc like it used it. The line just goes flat when I'm "awake".
    I Just ended up uninstalling it and re-installing version 3.10 because it's a bunch of added stuff I'll never use.

    WAS running on Win 7 SP1 with dual screens, and am now running V 3.10 on that computer instead.

  • Go into "Adjust all colors at once" and make the bedtime and nighttime colors exactly the same and it'll be exactly the same as it was in f.lux v3. Or, you can just change your wake up time. F.lux switches to bedtime mode 9 hours prior to your set wake up time.

    What do you mean by "Color phase also doesn't arc like it used to"?

  • The graph was prettier before, but it had little to do with the schedule.

    The new one is much much more gradual.

  • And regarding the title of the thread:

    yes, we have fought with Windows for years trying to get it to do a wider color range for everyone (we think this is important, especially late at night), and this one thing basically held back shipping this update for years. We finally pulled it all together, but a lot of features had accumulated in the meantime. Would have been nicer to do 4 big releases instead of one. :)

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