I want version 3 back

  • I don't understand why you did these changes. I want only this: flux to automatically start on sunset and stop on sunrise, the same like in the version 3. And I want to be able to change the "sunrise" color temperature, and "sunset" color temperature as before. Why did you changed it, why you made a "wake up" feature, I don't get it. It's so simple: start on sunset, stop on sunrise... that's all... now it starts/stops related to that "wake up" hours and WE don't want that (besides that is very hard to change the sunrise/sunset color temperature). Just went back to version 3 and disabled automatically updates.

    You added so much things in it but you forgot the most important one: an option to disable that wake up feature and let it be like before. The only thing that was needed, was an option to make the cursor change the temperature, like the screen (that can be done with some tweaks in Windows Registry), that's it.

  • The Options menu has both the option to disable the notifications, and an option to fix the mouse cursor when it doesn't work.

  • Yes, I saw (online) that thing with the mouse cursor... as I said, that was the only thing needed. There is no option to disable that "wake up" feature (as most of us want), sadly.

  • The first item in the Options menu is "Backwards Alarm Clock (notifications at bedtime)"

  • As I said in the first post, not the notifications are the main problem here... the problem is that we can't use it as before: start at sunset/stop at sunrise... now it works depending on the wake time you set there. If you want that thing so much, at least add an option to be able to disable it and let it work like it was before.

  • Yes this is why we have the "Classic f.lux" preset.

  • If you don't like the "Classic f.lux" preset, then just set your own colors in "Adjust all colors at once". Keep bedtime and sunset the same for the version 3 style.

  • Closing this topic - hopefully your concerns are answered, but if not, please post back in https://forum.justgetflux.com/topic/4167/version-3-4-upgrade-thread

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