Not Showing is System Tray

  • For some reason cannot gain access to the controls for f.lux. it is active and mostly functions as one would expect, but I like to disable it for watching netflix.

    f.lux appears in the control panel but not the system tray. I've tried killing it and relaunching it but this does not work. I updated f.lux to the latest version and the controls disappeared after I clicked off of it.

    I have Windows 10 Home v1703 Build 15063.540. my processor is an AMD FX4300. I have 8gb of ram. my GPU is an AMD RX480 2GB GDDR5.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

  • We do hide the window after a few seconds so it doesn't clutter the taskbar, and then f.lux mostly stays as a tray icon.

    I'm sure you know the tray icon area has an overflow - is f.lux hiding out there or missing entirely?

    If that's true can you check in Task Manager that it's running and has not crashed?

  • same problem here. using windows 7 64 pro. i can see it in the processes in task manager. and i just noticed it make a popup telling me when im getting up. but theres no icon so i cant change anything. its annoying

  • same happened to me. It shows in my task manager but not in systray. It's Lenovo R61, whereas on my older model Lenovo with 3/4 the RAM there were no issues.

  • Can you see it in the "overflow" for the tray (the up arrow?)
    Also does f.lux show up when you run in from the start menu?

  • Hi, I have the same problem - the sysTray icon is never showing anymore. I cannot pinpoint the moment since when, I would say ~6 months? I tried to update (no point, it was autoUpdated..). Can you please suggest some possible fix?
    ![0_1616843455419_screen_flux.png](Uploading 100%)

  • Try restarting Windows. By default, Windows 10 doesn't actually shut down when you choose Shut Down, which means Windows never gets restarted when you only choose Shut Down every day. You can change this behavior, but lets see if restarting Windows restores the icon first.

  • @untouchable Does f.lux show up if you quit and restart it?

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