Not Showing is System Tray

  • For some reason cannot gain access to the controls for f.lux. it is active and mostly functions as one would expect, but I like to disable it for watching netflix.

    f.lux appears in the control panel but not the system tray. I've tried killing it and relaunching it but this does not work. I updated f.lux to the latest version and the controls disappeared after I clicked off of it.

    I have Windows 10 Home v1703 Build 15063.540. my processor is an AMD FX4300. I have 8gb of ram. my GPU is an AMD RX480 2GB GDDR5.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

  • We do hide the window after a few seconds so it doesn't clutter the taskbar, and then f.lux mostly stays as a tray icon.

    I'm sure you know the tray icon area has an overflow - is f.lux hiding out there or missing entirely?

    If that's true can you check in Task Manager that it's running and has not crashed?

  • same problem here. using windows 7 64 pro. i can see it in the processes in task manager. and i just noticed it make a popup telling me when im getting up. but theres no icon so i cant change anything. its annoying

  • same happened to me. It shows in my task manager but not in systray. It's Lenovo R61, whereas on my older model Lenovo with 3/4 the RAM there were no issues.

  • Can you see it in the "overflow" for the tray (the up arrow?)
    Also does f.lux show up when you run in from the start menu?

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