Fix <3450K Display Inconsistency

  • Dear F.lux,

    In the newest update, there seems to be inconsistent display for settings below 3450K.
    When settings are adjusted below 3450K, the following issues happen:

    1. Scroll bar for Sticky Notes becomes exceptionally bright: not proportionally bright as compared to Sticky Notes without F.lux
    2. Hovering over files in Window Explorer occasionally shows Description Boxes which are exceptionally bright.

    Hope you can look into this. Thanks.

  • Two questions:

    Did f.lux prompt you to expand your color settings, and did you have a chance to reboot since the upgrade?

  • Yes, f.lux prompted me to expand my colour settings, and I manually the system since the upgrade.
    f.lux is currently at v4.47

  • Ok, because usually this bug means that this expanding your range didn't work. Hnmm.

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