I want a configurable delay when switching

  • I need you to add an option for us to enter a delay before switching between enabled and disabled.

    I have annoying issues where I click on an app (like Photoshop) just to look at something f.lux instantly starts to disable and run the transition. I then click back on the app that I'm working on and f.lux then starts transitioning my display to enabled mode.

    This is really freaking annoying!

    Can you please add a option for a delay (in seconds) before f.lux initiates the change in state, users would be able to peak at apps for a short time without this disable/enable.

    It's a major issue as its from working late with f.lux enabled and I have to look at an app where it is disabled, also even if I the app get focus.

  • So, it sounds to me like you disabled f.lux for Photoshop and you really wish during these times it wasn't set this way. I mean, if it wasn't disabled for Photoshop, then this wouldn't happen. So, if you put Photoshop in focus and then go straight to the f.lux menu, you can undo the option for having it disabled for Photoshop. To redo it, just do the same thing.

  • Yes, this is one of the reasons we took so long to make the feature - I didn't like it for exactly this reason.

    The current design should be "disable fast, enable slowly" - so you can get colors right when you switch into Photoshop, but if you switch out to check something it isn't too jarring. Sounds like we didn't do enough though.

  • I got it now. Thanks.

    There is no list of apps you can see where f.lux has been configured to be disabled when using.

    You have to have to app open and select it, then you will see if f.lux has been configured to recognize the app and alter its behavior.

    I can do it by selecting the 'disable for full screen apps' only.

  • Yes, we might have to put a big master list in there eventually (or at least a big reset button), but we tried to do the "relevant" list of apps - ones you've used recently to keep it easier.

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