printscreen now (win v4.43) copies the modified oranger colors

  • before it seemed like printscreen would copy the unmodified colors, now the modified colors are definitely being copied with this new update (win v4.43). so repeatedly print screening n pasting makes oranger and oranger recursive pics.

    is there any way to make printscreen copy the unmodified colors??? (without disabling flux)

    did you change the stage where the modification is taking place? eg from btx the videocard buffer and the monitor to before the buffer?

  • Two cases:

    1. If you've not expanded your range in f.lux we fallback to using the GPU
    2. If you have USB-connected displays we fallback to using the GPU

    The next release will prompt you again to expand the colors, so try it out here:

  • @herf Would it be possible to not fallback for non-USB (displaylink) connected displays? (like the primary display.)

    Because the fallback is somewhat glitchy, i.e. videos sometimes not getting tinted, popup chrome windows sometimes not getting tinted, chrome notifications, electron apps (postman), etc.

  • Yes this is a good idea. Our options menu needs to be split into pages. :)

  • Huh. By pages you mean allow setting options per monitor (e.g. colour temprature, etc?)?

  • I mean it is too big and confusing and adding small options like this would make it more confusing unless I hide them behind tabs.

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