Disable automatic toggle (hotkeys only)

  • I like the hotheys and don't like starting and quitting flux all the time or hitting "disable for an hour" via the hotkey several times while bingewatching a series or something. I really whished for a "manual/hotkeys only"-mode

  • Instead of disabling for an hour several times while bingewatching, maybe you should just do Disable until Sunrise. Or just slide the slider to 6500K and then put it back to where you want it when you're done.

  • @TwoCables not possible through the hardcoded shortcuts. A change of the shortcut to disable until sunrise would already be great indeed (or a new shortcit for that). (I use kodi, a full-screen app I control just via gaming controller from bed. it's a pain to get out (needs keyboard) and find flux (needs mouse) on my cheap beamers pixlated image :) and than want to re-enable it when my gf fell asleep and I don't want to wake her again with some bright images)

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