Night are too long

  • Please add an option to customize night time. When I'm on my PC before my setup wake time I dont need a yellow screen, I just got up and am planning to stay that way.

    If I move the earliest wake time back it gets yellow to soon in the eveing on days I have to work late, either way I have to manually adjust this thing daily which is annoying. Just give me more options to control this please.

  • We put about a half an hour to account for this - how much earlier are you thinking?

    Also, if it's only occasional, you can always disable for an hour right then and it will work too.

    The reason we did it this way is about how you'll feel the next day: the body is actually pretty sensitive to light in the morning, and bright light a few hours before your normal wake time tells your body to get up earlier the next day.

    So if you woke up 2 hours early, a bright display might push you a bit earlier the next day, and you'd find it hard to sleep in the next day too.

  • Well if I have to work early the next day too because thats my current shift schedule that is just fine. I dont think it would hurt to let the user decide on this with a setting inside the program.

    It just happens so often that my work schedule changes. My standard set wake time is 8:45 so it wont get too ogrange to soon. This morning I had to use the "disable for 1 hour" twice (probably not much logic in turning back to orange after one hour in the moring, I could just stay disabled until sunset).

    Yes 8:45 is rather late, but when I get home after 22:00 after work I still want to do some stuff with "normal" color temperature and wont go to bed until a few hours after getting home.

    With an alternating work schedule this app just needs to much manual input to be comfortable. But being able to manually set the lenght of the night time would fix that very easy.

  • Can you set the wake time to the earliest schedule, but use a more moderate color setting, or is it still too annoying on your "later" nights?

    Is your schedule predictable (like the same every week), or is it more complex?

  • I guess I could use "classic flux" which wont turn that orange compared to "recommended". But then I would loose that benefit, its not that I dont want it, I just want it at a reasonable time without it affecting my screen in the morning and manually controlling the app almost every day.

    But if I set it as my standard early wake time it would still turn yellow to soon in the evening. Either way I will have to use the disable function or change the times very often.

    No its not predictable or regularly scheduled. It could be read out of my google calendar. But a manual night time setting would be much easier. ;)

  • Thanks - so maybe we could make two wake times you could switch between?

    We've stuck with the "circadian only" design but I think there are some good reasons to optimize alertness on nights when you have to work, vs. nights when you can sleep earlier. So this might be a way.

    And you know, Google Calendar has an API, so it's not impossible. :)

  • Switching between 2 preset wake times would'nt be much less annoying than hitting the disable button or changing the time manually. Maybe 2 clicks less, but still manual input that is needed to often.

    It not that my schedule is the same for weeks, sometimes its just 2 days (yes not the best job for a healthy sleep cycle).

    Yes it would be possible, just a more complex task that allowing users the control over the time period (maybe as a hidden expert setting if you don't want to make it that obvious).

    Ok let me think about the calendar logic, all the different work schedules have their own google calendar. So the app could read that there is something in calendar "x" it could see I worked till maybe 22:00 and start the cycle later. I wont wake up very early after that so no problem in the morning.

    If its the early shift it doesn't matter anyway, wont use my PC because I have to go to work. Its the days after the early shift that get annoying. Usually after I'm through and my alarm is turned off I sleep 1 hour longer each day until I'm back in my normal rhythm. So thats the days I want to use my PC in the morning, edit some photos maybe, defiantly would like it in "day mode". If the app recognized that and starts the day early...well it would end the day early too wouldn't it? But I don't want that, I want to get back to my natural sleeping cycle so I definitely want to go to bed later so I sleep longer the next day.

    No this is not going to work.

  • Well if we did it right, it would be something like a jetlag protocol, where we change it gradually.

    The trouble is that people might expect to shift 4 hours in one night, or something that the body can't do, but the gradual stuff we know how to do right, it's just a lot more user interface to do it. :)

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