Lagging VERRY bad when transitioning

  • love f.lux, but i play a lot of games :video_game:
    And when f.lux activates it decimates my fps :eye:
    Where talkin 2 FPS here :scream_cat:
    Since the transition is 20 seconds long i usually die (ingame) :(
    here are some ideas :bulb:

    • So maybe just make it instant
    • detect if in fullscreen - if yes, wait until no longer in full screen
    • add a blacklist of programs to not activate when running
    • notification, asking if you are ready (so when game is over, i can activate it then)

  • Are you using the newest version (v4)? It is about 100 times more efficient.

    Also, there is a "very fast" transition mode for this in the options.

  • OMG i had a rly old version
    alt text
    you guys have been hard at work making all kinds of cool stuff like
    backwards alarm clock.. which is totally awesome by the way! (if i have not said that already)
    and a gaming mode

    thanks a lot, for making such a awesome program.
    and sorry for not getting the latest version
    (tough you may want to implement some kind of auto update feature, since doing it manually is so 2015)

  • What do you mean? It has an auto-update feature. "Update Automatically". It's right there in your screenshot.

  • Yeah we are slowly rolling v3 to v4 - it is a big update and we want to get all the details right for people who are very used to the way it has been. So only some v3 people have gotten the new version.

    Also just mentioning: the v3 "gaming mode" which disabled all polling but had tons of bugs got taken out of v4, because the new version does it all the time. We are not polling at the GPU level, and instead use some tricks to know when it is a good time to "fix" the screen.

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