F.lux Green Text Ghosting on 144Hz Monitor

  • I just recently acquired a Dell S2417DG monitor (2560x1440p, 144hz) and have discovered that when f.lux is on, there is a ghosting effect when scrolling in Chrome. Just about any text or image leaves behind a green ghosting trail behind when scrolling, but the effect goes away when f.lux is disabled. Is there any fix to this?

  • I assume this doesn't happen during the day?

    Here is our "usual" explanation:

    I pulled up the manual for your monitor, and there is a "ULMB" setting that is supposed to reduce motion blur. Does it help?

  • @herf That did it! I had seen that post before when I was looking around for a solution but it never occurred to me to try that out since my ghosting was of a different color. Thanks for the help!

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