• On v4 Release Notes you can find

    LAN API with support for telling other devices when f.lux changes

    How this works ? Where we can find information about that ?

  • Look in the options menu.
    There is a place to type in an URL - then f.lux makes HTTP POSTs on the LAN.

    POST /endpoint?ct=4800&bri=0.5

    By default it will only post when something changes, but you can also have it poll once a minute, if your system needs that for some reason.

  • Hi Herf,
    Thanks for answer it helped me a lot.
    But your information is not accurate.
    F.lux posts not

    I do not know for what is plain, can you explain for what is used ?

  • I am not trying to send that, and it doesn't show up on my server here.

    What server are you using? And are there any trailing spaces or anything in the text entry?

  • @herf You are right, its web server issue.
    When I check communication with WireShark there is only CT and BRI no Plain.
    Sorry, my mistake.

    Thanks for help.

  • What exactly is this feature doing?

  • @julianz it lets you synchronize other lights on your LAN to f.lux's current settings.

  • Hi All,

    sorry to dig out this thread but I'm currently working on a tool that changes the screen (DDC/CI) brightness based on f.lux current settings.

    I'm able to receive notifications on my localhost server, "CT" (color temperature ?) reflects the current values but the BRI (Brightness) is always 1.0000. I'm using the latest beta (4.66).

    Can you help me ?


  • We modified 4.66 temporarily so it sets the 1.0 point using the nighttime setting for Hue users. So what it is doing now is >1.0 during the day, but it's clamped to 1.0 so there is not much information there. You could probably change the brightness registry entries "nightbri" and "latebri" to script some changes. (HKCU/Software/Michael Herf/flux/Preferences)

    I have a different version of this feature that we are working on internally (which actually uses brightness, but you can set it).

    We have had a version using DDC/CI for brightness also, but it has been very unreliable and rather slow...some monitors flash when you change them, hardware-calibrated monitors lose calibration, things like that.

  • Hi, thanks for your answer,

    If I understand, you are thinking I want to control f.lux from external tool, I'm thinking about the other way around.

    Anyway, are the registry keys reloaded automatically or should I restart f.lux to load them ?

    Can the DDC/CI feature be released (based on preference of course) ?


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