Installation Location and Portable Version

  • Hi Michael - Nice program thanks. Any special reason for installing in *Appdata\Local* instead of the usual program directories?

    Have you thought of making a portable version which could be run from a usb?

    Thanks Fred9876

  • Dumbing down society is one reason (giving less control to the user is better, so they don't have to worry about stuff much). Installing in appdata doesn't require user's authorization.

    I never could understand developers of free software who doesn't believe in portable versions, especially when software doesn't NEED any installation to function properly and unnecessary clogging up registry, instead of storing settings in a file, not only making it harder to backup but also making system slower and slower.

    I do have problems with any software that use appdata for executables. In my opinion any software that runs from appdata should be classified as malicious, because it's there after exploiting a flaw in Windows to bypass UAC without user's consent.
    Also, devs, not everyone have 1tb SSD as system drive, some of us struggling with 16gb!

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