Flux causing dark blue to turn into shiny blinding reflective blue color

  • Been using flux on multiple computers for many years and have never seen this. On my new Dell XPS15 with 4K screen, once flux kicks in anything that's dark blue such as links in chrome or if you highlight text or highlight boxes turns like shiny blinding blue color. Think the shiny reflective blue color around the intel sticker on your pcs. It gets worst as the color changes more. As soon as I disable flux its back to normal.

    Any ideas? This is a brand new stock laptop. Anyone else seen this before? Thanks

  • Can you try disabling Options > Use Display data for better color... to see if it helps?

    Also email us: support at justgetflux.com

  • It seems to be a problem with dell premier color software... if I uninstall that the problem goes away. unfortunately I need that software to make my screen not look over saturated during the day... any ideas?


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