Hue Lights Issues

  • Using flux to adjust my hue lights is amazing. There are a few things though.

    If I just turn one of my lights on, ALL of the flux managed hue lights turn on. This should not be how it works. If some lights are off, flux shouldn't turn them on.

    Second, using the ambient white lights, the color temp still can go lower at it's max (and they can be even more dimmed) at night, it doesn't go all the way warm by midnight (or ever). I think it should, or at least give us a setting to change that (should be really easy, just sets a simple variable for min and max temp and bright %.)

    Also, it takes over the brightness. Some lights I want to dim more at night, and if I change it, hue hijacks it back. I think it's brilliant how you guys change the temp and brightness over the day, and mostly that works, but there are times when I want to manually override.

    Thank you.

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