Red display bug when entering flight mode

  • OK, I'm a regular user of a VPN. The VPN pops me out in a few different countries in Europe, and everything has been working just fine for many years.

    And what I normally do is enable flight mode to switch of radios prior to closing my laptop display forcing it to sleep.

    When I go into flight mode the latest release of f.lux forces the display to go red, I'm not sure if this is caused by me going into flight more or something else caused by entering flight mode.

    I think it looks like the 'dark room' mode, but quickly shifts back to the colour that should be for that time of the day.

    1. It seems f.lux maybe reacting to the sudden time-zone change when disconnecting from the VPN with a POP in a different country/time-zone
    2. Seems over the top for f.lux to have such a close reliance on my network connection and network time zone
    3. The systems date & time do not change on my laptop when my VPN is connected

    Note: My VPN client resets my WiFi connection when I disconnect.

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