[Win 10, 4.43] f.lux making krita not update drawn lines

  • Hello,

    I have a Thinkpad x230t with in-built graphic tablet and I use krita to draw. I've noticed 5 months ago that krita sometimes doesn't live-update drawing in the workspace window while you draw, meaning you have to tab out and in to see what you did (except in the preview windows!)
    I tested which program or background process might be the culprit and it's f.lux unfortunately.
    If I want to draw, I have to deactive f.lux after startup or forbid it from autostarting. It doesn't matter if it starts in daylight mode or a tinted mode.
    If I opened Krita (or Gimp!) while f.lux was running in the background and encounter this bug, I need to completely restart. (Then kill f.lux, then open Krita)

    This might be a persistent bug or interference? Does anyone know how to avoid sensibly?

    (Also, under Chrome, this edit window here is too small and the bottom doesn't show up. I had to zoom out to a size where it's hard to read what I'm typing to see what I'm typing...)

  • Which version of Windows 10 are you using?

    I can't think of any reason f.lux would interact with normal drawing like this, but we have a similar thinkpad we could test on if we could match up the OS version.

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