CPU 100% and cursor continually flashing the spinning circle

  • Win 7 Pro SP1 (Corporate network, no admin permissions, Trend Micro OfficeScan)

    So, I unofficially install F.lux on various computers in the office, but I've been bitten a few times by this bug, and it affects both 3 and 4:

    When the app is installed, processes are endlessly spawned and die quick enough that they can't be terminated with Windows Task Manager. This intermittently pins the CPU, and for some reason causes the mouse cursor to repeatedly show the spinning wheel, no matter which application is in focus. Exiting from the systray makes no difference, and the issue is only resolved when a reboot is done (which is very inconvenient).

  • @jackandjohn
    Is stable the CPU speed or it decreases along time? :|

  • I've left it for at most a few hours, but during that time it did not change in CPU usage or frequency.

    If I were to guess, it feels like part of the install is failing due to permissions, and some helper is causing it to immediately retry after each failure.

  • @jackandjohn
    At first, I thought about an overheat CPU problem, but it seems more likely it's not loaded well in memory, or some fail over permissions as you have pointed out. :|

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