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  • How do I put the f.lux icon in the task bar alongside volume, internet, time instead of as a large icon on the task bar? Please. I have 2 laptops, one has a large f.lux icon alongside of chrome, Word etc while the other has the smaller icon alongside the time and volume icons.
    How do you get to choose which and where to place them?

  • If you close the window it will return to the tray.
    Or if you wait a few seconds it will do that too.

  • @herf thanks but no, it doesn't. When I installed f.lux on computer #1 the icon went straight into the tray next to the volume control icon. When I installed to computer #2 the icon went to the task bar alongside Chrome and Word.
    Shutting down and/or waiting does nothing to either f.lux icon. There must be an advanced setting or an auto setting in the download to place the icon in either position or display no icon at all.

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