mpc-be stuttered with f.lux

  • i noticed with the newest version of f.lux (4.43) when i watch a movie (for 1 minute and when i move the mouse the picture stuttered) with the mpc-be (
    i have checked without f.lux and the movie stuttered not....
    can anyone confirm that ?

  • @j0nezzz
    Same behaviour if f.lux is disabled for fullscreen apps? :|
    (Click right mouse button over f.lux tray icon, disable, for fullscreen apps.)

  • i checked this, but yes it is the same behavior from f.lux... the movie stuttered after ~ 1 minute when i move the mouse cursor...

  • @j0nezzz
    Same behaviour if "white cursor" is fixed at 'options (and smart lighting)'? :|

  • is enabled... it seems it is a little bit smoother, the stutter ... but again it is stuttering ...

  • @j0nezzz
    For temporary solution, how about exit from f.lux while playing movies? Anyway I prefer to see the movies full colour so I have set f.lux always disabled for 'fullscreen apps' -- also not always a movie starts playing fullscreen mode if this feature has not been set before in the player, so maybe the stuttered issue is coming along making scene "fullscreen" after start to play. :/

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