Latest update has caused video glitches

  • I'm currently on a Surface Pro 4, and last week (Maybe sooner/later), flux was working perfectly. I could watch videos in fullscreen with it enabled without any dramas.

    Now, I'm getting the same issue that has been occurring on the macOS version for more than 2 years.

    I can assure you this is on your end as I also further tested this on a desktop running the same version of Windows and such, and the same problem happens, so I can only assume you guys made a change that is causing this.

    Please fix asap!
    (Also just to note, the chrome extension which fixes it for mac, does not fix it on Windows. Again, tested on both my surface and desktop and had same result.)

  • No, these issues are entirely in the GPU driver - this is an Intel driver bug that will not go away, no matter how much we report it.

    If we could fix it, we would.

  • Ok, that explains it for the surface, but it also occurs on my desktop that uses a Ryzen chip, which doesn't use the Intel Drivers. So I'm unsure why it would be occuring on my desktop aswell.

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