Safe mode needed for Oculus Rift!

  • Hi guys, when I was using my Oculus a while back when I first got it, I sometimes had a weird problem: Everything seemed to stutter and "hang" for a short time (which is very unpleasant as anyone who ever used VR will tell you). It took me some days and a lot of nerves to find out that f.lux was the problem. When I put it in safe mode, the problems stopped.
    Please note this problem during the installation process for everyone who is using an Oculus (and possibly other VR gear?), because it can be very hard to find out and people might fear their expensive hardware is damaged.

    Thanks a lot!

  • Our new build (f.lux v4) has basically stopped all polling and has a much better version of safe mode built in and on all the time.

    If you are seeing problems during the long transition changes, try turning on "Very Fast" transitions in Options.

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