Opacity Value for the different Settings?

  • Hey there,
    my name is Martin and I am working on my Bachelor Thesis regarding to the effect of bluelight filtering systems/software to design related topics. This is a question in general... does anyone of you know how strong the different settings are overlaying the regular picture. Are there any informations about that on the side or does anybody now how much opacity the different colortone has?

    Would be great to get an answer, that i can work on my Thesis!


  • There's no overlay, believe it or not. It's actually changing the color.

  • ok lets say it is a colorshift, are there any information about how this is done in detail? I am trying to figure out if there is a general benefit for the design process changing the temperature of a colortone to a warmer or cooler tone by influencing the cones with warmer and cooler color Backgrounds etc . For that i wanna now how this is going exactly...

  • Are you saying you want them to tell you their secrets for how f.lux does what it does? Or are you asking what the benefits are of a person using f.lux?

  • 1st Question: Not really, i know the process of shifting the temperature and tone from the photography, white balance etc...
    for me it would be interesting to know how for example the Dark Room Mode works, not for using this data to making money or something else. As I said i am working on a science related BA Thesis to figure out if there is an advantage of using Warmer oder cooler tones to increase attention for example...
    short reasoning: If f.lux is an instant Application would it make sense using pure white for example on Website Backgrounds? or maybee its a question of using dynamik Color Arrangements where it is possible...the whole topic throws up a lot of Problems and Solutions, i just wanna get deeper into it as i am at the moment...

    2nd Question ya, would be nice to get more information about that...Are there Studys which where made with the f.lux application?

  • Until they can answer your questions more definitively, I can only tell you that f.lux is based on heavy research... very deep and extremely scientific research. It's not just some program that was tossed together. it's far more than that.

    html https://justgetflux.com/faq.html

    Do research into how blue light affects melatonin and sleep - how it affects the circadian rhythm.

    F.lux exists in order to enable you to use your computer or f.lux compatible device without being blasted by alerting blue light. So, if you are already doing a good job in the rest of your home avoiding blue light by using dim warm-colored lighting but you avoid your computers and devices because they blast you with blue light, f.lux "saves the day". With f.lux, you can safely go back to using your computer at night while your indoor lighting is comforting you with dim warm-colored light.

    F.lux has also been found by its creators and users to help with making a display more comfortable on the eyes anytime you want by just switching to a warmer color temperature until you're happy with the results.

    Primarily, f.lux exists to support a person's efforts to have the most consistent and healthy circadian rhythm possible in today's world. Today's world is extremely unfriendly to the human circadian rhythm. F.lux is just a part of a growing effort on this planet to get back to nature (to get back to the way it should be for the sake of our health and well-being). We humans are just beginning to figure out that we really do need to obey the laws of nature.

    The best thing you can do to learn more is by doing research on all of this stuff. Find out how blue light affects melatonin and the circadian rhythm. Also find out how light in general affects us humans. That's what f.lux is all about.

  • ok thanks, one last question: How can i make a screenshot with the effecting colorsetting of f.lux?

  • @Martin-Marburger said in Opacity Value for the different Settings?:

    ok thanks, one last question: How can i make a screenshot with the effecting colorsetting of f.lux?

    At one time f.lux had a bug that caused screenshots to be affected, but it's since been fixed. Most people hated it. They couldn't take screenshots without disabling f.lux, which is extremely unpleasant if you don't want to disable it for any reason.

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