Dual monitor support: different settings

  • Flux has improved my life a lot. It is truly a great software. At home it works great, because I have dual identical monitor. However, at work it causes me problems. My laptop looks great at 2800k, while my actual monitor looks great at 3200k. I truly hope there is a way for me to set my laptop display at 2800k, while leaving my hdmi monitor at 3200k.

  • I'd very much appreciate this. At the moment I've got a $300 monitor as my primary (color accuracy for art and color blindness QA testing so to speak + touch screen for mobile testing) and a cheaper monitor as my secondary. Its colors are honestly bad. The monitor has pretty much nothing for settings and trying to use Window's monitor adjustments does nothing. Like it just resets. And, frankly, it does little for color accuracy (the source of this problem)

    So on my primary monitor it's all good.

    On my secondary monitor everything's brighter and less orange. So I'd like to have it be a couple of "Alt + Page Down's" lower. Except by the end of the night I'm on the lowest setting before I go to darkroom mode where it's inverted (which, btw, sucks for me because 99% of what I do uses "Night Mode" settings lol. dark grey on light orange - red = x.x eyestrain

    Point is, I'd actually need to make it even dimmer on the second monitor. Like the lowest settings = perfect for my primary but the secondary needs even lower to match it. I'd recommend a second curve?

    And while I'm on the topic CAN I PLEASE get a hotkey that quickly makes my cursor brighter or something? When on the very lowest settings (when I'm 2 - 3 hours from bed) I'm constantly losing my cursor, especially when it's in text mode where it's like an I D: Idk, maybe a "ping" like in the windows handicap settings or w/e ? Just something that won't blind me but is enough to make it quickly apparent where my cursor is.

    It's dumb but uh.. pls? xD

  • Hi, can I use f.lux at dual monitors with help of Wireless HDMI? Plz need advice

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