Request - Start transitions earlier than sunset

  • The new app is great but I find that in hour before (actual) sunset my screen is too bright. The app only starts transitioning to the darker hue setting at sunset set by my location. If there could be an option to manually adjust sunset, or set the time to transition earlier that would be great.

  • @Arvaarad

    I also have this same problem. Furthermore, my screen seems too bright for me indoors beyond 5500K. I think there is some kind of conceptual issue because all houses have roof, so the perceived light outdoors is different than the perceived natural sunlight indoors that is entering through the windows. I also noticed that LED and WLED screens give me different range of eyestrain reduction (probably LCD and TFT too). Anyway I think it can be solved manually. :)

  • How many minutes before sunset is it when you notice?

  • 30 minutes for me. I will try to solve this issue with "xx:xx is my earliest wake time". :)

    Edit (1): No success changing "earliest wake time". I think that I have solved partially this problem setting the location beyond sunset using the Windows 10 weather tool and a map, after search one main city where the sunset is done before it happens to my location.

    Edit (2): I noticed that the solution proposed (manually changing location) doesn't work as expected for me. I think that I probably miscalculated something that I am unable to solve, so I stop here with this minor issue -- maybe time zones are the clue?

    Edit (3): I apologize for the deleted posts, I didn't know how to edit a message so I have merged two of them inside this one because they were answers to this main post..

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  • What's your approximate location? (City?)

    Also how is the room you're using the machine? Is there a window? How big? Are you near it or far away?

    We based the new curve on a few years of light measurements, but most of the dataset is from Los Angeles, where the sunset and sunrise are pretty quick.

  • @herf
    Mine is (please, see my updated profile), my room has 17.22m2 with 1.28m2 window at near 2m from my back with no direct sunligh (w/ two LED white-light E27 7W 6500K). Tomorrow the sun will rise at 6:55 and the sunset will be at 20:53 (summer european local time). At December 6th, the sun will rise at 7:53 and sunset will be at 17:25 (this will be the minimum time here for sunset this year, while winter local european time). I hope it will help for something. :)

    Edit (1): edited exact location for privacy issues, thanks TwoCables. :)

    Edit (2): solved, please see

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