Problem with Google Chrome/ Surface Pro 4

  • Hello,
    Just installed f.lux on my SP4, and it's working great, except when I have Chrome open. In this case, it stays nice and orange when my cursor is hovering over a link, but as soon as the cursor is not on a link, the screen is bright blue and harsh again. When I am on the desktop, or have any other app selected/on top, f.lux is working fine. The problem seems to be exclusively with Chrome. I'd appreciate any help I can get!


    EDIT: I also noticed that this happens with the app for Pocket, the Chrome extension.

  • Are you certain you haven't disabled f.lux for Chrome?

  • I haven't disabled it from the flux app, if that is what you're asking. As I mentioned, it works well when the cursor is hovering above a link. When it is not above a link, then it instantly becomes brighter and harsher - however, not as bright as when it is turned completely off. This happens whether or not I am in fullscreen mode, but if the window is not fullscreen, it is only the Chrome window that has this problem - the rest of the screen stays nicely reddish. I also just noticed that the problem doesn't seem to happen in tablet mode. When it is in tablet mode (ie rotated vertically), f.lux seems to work fine and there is no flickering at all, with Chrome or anything else.

    EDIT: The chrome window also seems to flicker when I disconnect the surface type cover.

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