Beta: Green & Purple Colors

  • The f.lux beta makes colors on my screen either green or purple, even when i press disable for an hour.
    Here are some screenshots:

  • Disable should not do anything other than load your color profile, which could be a problem but usually is not.

    Can you uncheck (in Options) > "Use display data for better color accuracy" - though this should also have no effect when f.lux is disabled.

    More questions:

    • Do you have an unusual color profile (Color Management control panel) that you can send us?
    • Which OS and drivers are you using?
    • Do you have any USB-connected monitors?

  • Unchecking "use display data for better color accuracy" totally fixed everything.

    • I have no unusual color profile

    • latest version of windows 10 with up to date nvidia drivers

    • No usb monitors

    Thanks for the help! If you need more data I can post speccy data.

  • @RaphaelB thanks - have sent you an email with a test app that will help us debug this. Thanks!

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