F.lux and Hue White Ambiance lights - change light tempurature?

  • I like that f.lux can control my Hue lights, but all it does is dim them. I bought the updated version of the white lights that can do different color temperatures. I was hoping the Hue app at the very least would be able to automatically adjust the color like f.lux does, but no luck.
    Any chance this can be added to f.lux? I don't want the lights dimmed, since sometimes I need to control that myself and f.lux tends to override it.

  • Just ordered one of these to test.

    I have three other kinds that all work, so this will be an easy fix. :)

  • @herf Awesome! Let me know if I can help in anyway as well.

  • I posted a pre-release build with a fix here - should work fine with these lights now.


  • Awesome! It definitely changes the color, but it is also dimming the lights?

    Anyway to have it only change the color?

  • Yes we need to expose the dimming settings more directly.

    It's important to say that one of the biggest circadian disruptors today is "warm" lights that are too bright, so dimming automatically is really important to us. But doing it in a way you like is also important.

  • Fair enough. I do feel the lights are pretty dim already, though.

    But, I like to control it since sometimes I may want the lights dimmer or brighter if I'm still on my computer. Also, in the morning, I want them to gradually turn on depending on my phone's alarm (which you can set in the lux app more or less).

  • Yes we have more to do here - I wasn't able to get our dimming features into this release, which is why they're missing from Hue. :)

    We have experimented with waking up this way - I guess ideally if we are responsible for turning lights "on" you'd also use f.lux for turning them "off" - and probably you don't use your laptop to do that, so there's a ways to go there.

  • @herf which are the ones that work?

  • All the Hue lights work well with f.lux.

    You're just responsible for turning them on and off.

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