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  • Hello everyone, thanks for the great work!

    Somewhere in the last 1-2 recent updates, the "toast" notifications started showing near the right-center of the screen, instead of the standard bottom-right. Hope you can fix this too, thanks. (Windows 10)

  • Yes, I just got updated and the notification message window was 3/4 up on desktop, above the system tray position where it should of been.

  • I think this was intentional as a way to help avoid the multiple entries in the Notification Area Icons control panel window. So, I do think that they should have been there. That's probably why they look so carefully designed.

    All we need now are ways to customize these so that we can choose how long they appear or which ones appear, or whether any appear at all. I would like full customization.

    Edit: I was right: (but I feel it was quite obvious that this is what the change is)

  • Yes, we are drawing them there to avoid running over the system ones, and also because our UI usually draws in the bottom-right (which is the major reason).

  • Would it be possible in a future update to allow the user to disable the toast notifications?

  • Can you say which ones annoy you the most?

    It is kind of natural to want to turn them all off (that's the toggle I would look for) - but we have 2 cases that are pretty important:

    • update notices
    • disable (especially by-app, because people forgot they turned it on - lots of people get confused here)

    The alarm clock notifications have a separate toggle, but that might be too hard to find?

  • Update notices. So far they do not hide itself like app disable notices and in my case where it will pop up over a windowed borderless in gaming focing to focus away when closing the notice.

  • We are asking Windows if it's a good time to display a notification, and we avoid movie playback and most games that way. That means, we're trying to do what every other notification does right now.

    But: I guess we should delay showing them if there is anything going on fullscreen at all - since probably some games don't actually tell Windows, "hey turn off the notifications."

  • Ah I see. I was ultimately worried if it would come up during a fullscreen video playback.

    It has happened twice with Diablo 3 if that can help in windowed borderless if it can help narrow it down.

    Other than that the updates aren't happening often enough that it's a minor nuisance. Knowing you guys are asking WIndows to display or not for that time is good enough for me to live with. You can ignore my suggestion.

    Thanks f.lux :)

  • Also, we (just) spun up a proper beta option (in the about box), so the "stable" updates should be much less frequent in the future.

  • Yup, I opted myself into it because I like to live on the bleeding edge.

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