Transitions while the f.lux window is closed are still choppy

  • This has been an issue for me for a long time. When the f.lux window is open and either in focus or still in the background (before it closes), transitions are butter-smooth. However, when the f.lux window minimizes (or closes, depending on how you want to think of it), all transitions become choppy for me. They are only butter-smooth while the f.lux window is open, or showing, or up - however you want to describe it.

  • Can you write down which transitions? And also, which video card/driver?

    f.lux does a lot of self-tuning in this version to avoid slowing down other apps, so a "slow" driver can exhibit this behavior.

  • All of the transitions. Any of them. It's not just some of them or most. It's all of them.

    I have a GTX 780 and changing driver versions makes no difference, but I prefer using 376.33 right now.

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