Screen blinks when Alt+Tabbing from a game

  • TEST 1

    Set f.lux to 3000K (example)
    Launch a game
    Do Alt+Tab
    See that the screen blinks for 1/2 seconds to daylight colors
    Colors are back to 3000K (example)

    TEST 2

    Set f.lux to 3000K (example)
    Launch a game
    Do Tab+Alt (opposite of the above)
    See that the screen remains with daylight colors until you do a click with the mouse/keyboard
    Colors are back to 3000K (example)

    This issue was present since version 4.15, when it became public. It didn't happen with version 3.

    Running a GTX 1070, Windows 10 Version 1703 build 15063.447 with nVidia drivers 384.76
    Games tested: Rocket League, CSGO, Limbo, Mad Max.

  • @disqQ If the colors go back to 3000K, then 1/2 is probably the f.lux program checking current colors / fullscreen programs etc, and making sure it's refreshed. Many Direct X 9 games (if not all) in fullscreen, do not support custom color / gamma changes outside of what that program or game uses, so it's good for f.lux to refresh when switching programs like this.

  • Not sure about that. This is a similar issue with this one: which also blinked/didn't restored until switching windows.

    In this case, it blinks/doesn't restore until a click is done either on mouse or keyboard.

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