Is there any place where I could find descriptions of each of f.lux's numerous settings?

  • So, I have seen that there are two types of "settings".
    One in the main interface through the drop-down menu, and the other from right clicking the small taskbar icon.
    I looked throughout the website and couldn't find an explanation for what each one is designated for.
    I get that the title is self-explanatory in most cases, but more detail will probably result in a better experience.
    Well, more specifically, and what mainly got me lost is the "Daytime Eyestrain" in the main menu, and the "Reduce Eyestrain" in the "Color Effects". As someone who uses the PC for many hours a day starting from morning to late at night, do I need to have both of them enable the whole day? What exactly does each one do?
    Thanks for reading!

  • 'Reduce Eyestrain' is a specific color effect just like the other ones that are much more dramatic, like Emerald City or Blue Sky. It's just not as obviously different from plain old 6500K like the other color effects.

    'Daytime Eyestrain' is just a preset for which color temperatures you'll see during the day, sunset, and during the bedtime mode. The main difference I see is, you get 5500K during the day instead of 6500K.

    There are no rules to this, so there's nothing that's correct or there's nothing you 'need' to be doing for any reason. You just do what you like the most, and that's all there is to it. There's no real 'wrong' way or 'right' way or anything like that. Play around and use the settings that gives you the results that you favor the most.

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