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  • I saw a post from someone the other day asking for this a simple slider they could access without going into the preference settings, and I was going to leave a short note asking for the same thing. I saw that they received a very long, kinda snide reply from f.lux however, saying that they know best the light you should be experiencing and when because of their/your research.

    I don't know about anyone else, but when apps start trying to tell me how I should control my life and experience, rather than just letting me control their interface how I need to - such as Apple's 'Bedtime' - I get incredibly pissed off. When I got notified that 'Apple has figured out when if your optimal bedtime' I wanted to throw my phone at the wall and run for the hills. Inuring your users to socialised control via apps that are meant to serve one pretty basic service - like an alarm clock or light settings - is incredibly dangerous route for tech companies to be going down.

    Yes, you may have done a lot of research into circadian rhythms which is awesome and appreciated, but approaching the consumer like they are too stupid to know what they need is erring on the side of social control. Every time I get a whiff of this with many of the new apps and interfaces - happening more and more frequently - it runs my blood cold.

    Some people such as myself, have an atypical need to control how they interact with light. Not everyone's body corresponds with general circadian rhythms and this has been observed in sleep studies. Not allowing your users to easily control how their light is managed, means I have to go into the f.lux preferences up to 20 times per day - sometimes more if I am working at night - to manually change the 'bedtime' so that I can work properly. It is really frustrating to have to go into the app and change the time constantly because I don't keep 'normal' hours, rather than intuitively just using a slider.

    Sure, maybe this sounds overly dramatic, but I came to the forum (a few days ago) only to write 'can you please make a slider,' and I wouldn't have written such a comment about all this if I hadn't already seen your response to that person (I couldn't find that post to write this underneath).

    On this general topic of user control, using commands like 'the sun is up- go outside' and 'you're getting sleepy' seriously infantilises your user. Again, we aren't naughty children that need to be given a curfew. Every person is affected by bluelight, but many, many people don't have the privilege of getting outside and playing in the sunshine. Why speak to them this way?

    If you want to stay competitive now that Apple is so blatantly ripping you off (typically disgusting, unethical behaviour from them which I am very sorry to you for), I suggest dropping this kind of language and treating and speaking to your users like the autonomous adults they are.

    I am definitely going to always stick with f.lux over Apple's bogus version, because I am so appreciative f.lux has existed while Apple were so focused as usual on militantly controlling the 'user experience' that they deprived millions (billions?) of people of a feature that would actually help them be healthier and happier.

    I know this comment is a critique, but I wouldn't write such a long-winded, detailed comment if I didn't want to see you succeed and appreciate what you do. Thanks for making my sleep better for so long. Please add more functions for those of us who want more user control, and I will happily keep supporting you forever

  • f.lux team

    People definitely want to do other things than affect circadian timing, though that is our major focus and where we think software has a really big role to play.

    Can you say a little bit about what your schedule is like and how you want to use it?

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