f.lux window issues on 16215

  • Hi

    I can't see window while I opened f.lux, I also tried re-installing and always with Admin rights, Still not working.

    I can only see f.lux window while I see Taskbar Thumbnail.

    Is f.lux bug or something else?

    alt text0_1497094602679_snipaste_20170610_081252.png

  • I upgraded our Surface to 16215 - f.lux appears to be placing itself at +21,845 pixels from the left edge of the screen.
    I wonder what changed in how Windows reports screen sizes!

  • Apparently this beta Windows is reporting the height if the screen as height * DPI, and the width just as "width".

    So on my Surface at 150 DPI it says the screen is a square. However, once we place our window in the right place, it returns another value when we ask where f.lux is, thus making it go very far off the screen as we adjust in a loop.

    I will see what can be done on our end but the OS should obviously not do this. :)

  • Have found the bug and reported it to MSFT.
    The next f.lux will have a workaround.

  • Ah, Okay.

  • update is rolling out for this now.

  • 4.34 Finally fixed my 16215 window bug, Thanks.

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