f.lux resets color temperature when laptop lid is closed

  • Hi.

    I am using f.lux v.4.33 on a Thinkpad T440s with windows 10 Pro (version 1703, build 15063.332). My laptop has an Intel i7-4600U with Intel HD Graphics 4400, using the latest drivers.

    When I close my laptop lid - and thus, turning the screen off - and then open it (screen on), my screen color temperature is reset to daylight. Obviously, I can only notice this behavior once the color is 3400k (halogen) or below. This bug is kinda annoying, since the screen is suddenly very bright and white right after I open my laptop.

    If, after opening the lid, I stay in the same window, the color stays as daylight. It is only back to normal (as set by the schedule) after I change to another window. Changing between tabs in a browser does not trigger f.lux to fix the color. The color is fixed at once, not slowly.

    Do you guys have any clues on why this is happening? Please let me know if I can provide further information or diagnostic.


  • thanks - we will look at this some more. it does "forget" the setting on wake, but we are supposed to be detecting this and fixing it.

  • Can you post your video driver version also? Am running similar machine but with the "normal" Intel driver and cannot make it fail.

  • It's version


  • This is basically the same as: https://forum.justgetflux.com/post/13522

  • ok I think I got it.
    I was checking for "standby" but simply turning off the screen was important to watch for, too.
    next build has the fix.

  • 4.34
    still happens for me

  • @herf Thanks. I'm on 4.34 now and screen just blinks with daylight color and moves itself back to the current color. That's a fix for me, but maybe some else would expect the correct color without the blink.


  • Yes, this is the case on Creators update if you do not reboot after installing. If you reboot, it should be somewhat better.

  • Why does my posts regarding this issue always get ignored since i reported it back almost 2 months ago?!

  • @disqQ we fix problems we can reproduce, and we haven't reproduced the NVIDIA issue yet. Can you keep us up to date with NVIDIA issues in another thread? Driver versions, and if any driver versions have worked previously?

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