Option to disable "f.lux has an update" browser popup

  • With the current update options there's no way to have flux run silently in the background without every so often showing some kind of update notification.

    • If "Update Automatically" is enabled: there is a popup dialog asking to update when they become available.
    • If "Update Automatically" is disabled: there is a "what's new" style popup after each automatic update as well.

    I find these kind of interruptive notifications quite annoying, and don't think they should be necessary.

  • Hi yes this is a beta...we usually don't update this much.

    I will probably convert them (soon) to notifiers which will go away if you ignore them.

  • Thanks for the reply. If they're compatible with the OS controls that will be ideal.

  • I have to admit that there is a part of me that hates this also. It's annoying enough when a Firefox extension gets updated and the developer of that extension has decided that a new tab gets opened to notify you and thank you for installing/updating. On the other hand, if I miss the Notification Area message that f.lux was updated, then I am grateful for the new tab.

    However, like you said Mike, we're only receiving updates this often because f.lux v4 for Windows is still in development.

  • 100%. It even disrupts you from viewing videos full screen. Should be option to disable it.

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