f.lux asks for location on every boot

  • Instead of saving my location, it prompts me for my ZIP code every time I restart my computer.

  • Was there any update on this? I have downloaded the most recent version and have started to experience this issue.

  • Where are you located? Does it show a map with your location?

  • London, UK

    Yes. At startup the location selection windows pops up showing a "default" location, and asking for an exact location. Entering the location works for the current session.

    Upon restarting, the same thing happens --- it's almost as if it does not remember the location entered.

  • Thanks I think we may be handling longitude=0 badly. Will fix this soon.

  • Yeah, London, UK here as well.

    Forgot I posted this on here, but I'm happy to see it's being recognised. I will be using f.lux v4 again once this is resolved :upside_down:

  • We are posting a new build (4.44) on the beta track this morning. So choose beta updates from the About menu, and restart f.lux to initiate the update. It may prompt one time for your location (when you restart 4.43), but once it updates it should stop.

    This build is also available at https://justgetflux.com/flux-setup4.exe

  • I've installed the latest version from the link provided above and can confirm that f.lux no longer continually asks for the location every time it starts up! Thank you for this.

    I have however noticed that in the main flux window, when I click the lower-right link saying "Location: 5#.#°N, 0.0°E (Click to set)" the "Where am I" window which pops up still shows the "default" location and the search box is empty (instead of the location I've entered before). I'm pretty certain however that it's actually using my correct location and this is just an presentation issue --- possibly the longitude check occurs here as well?

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